Resto | Les Troubadours et L’école Notre Dame de Paris
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Les Troubadours et L’école Notre Dame de Paris

Les Troubadours et L’école Notre Dame de Paris

Taking place at the church of Saissac on Saturday August 3rd at 9PM is the Troubadours and School of Notre Dame de Paris. Set in a time of courteous love in the 14th century. Jean Tubéry and the Convivencia ensemble : Freiderike Schulz, Laura Zimmerman, Bernard Revel and Thierry Gomar.
This program was created by the Convivencia in Laure Minervois in 1991 and 1992. The recording made later with Jean Tubéry was featured on the soundtrack to Kingdom of Heaven by Ridley Scott. The songs of the troubadours served inspiration to the polyphonists at Our Lady’s School of Paris with the manuscripts of Montpellier.
Jean Tubéry is a world-renowned musician-conductor. He is originally from Saissac. It is a paid concert. Email or telephone 04 68 24 77 21 (Tues, Wed or Thurs afternoons) or 06 71 37 82 46 for bookings and further info. If you wish to book a table at La Montagne Noire contact us via our contact page, email or phone. We serve dinner from 7pm

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